Exhibitor Tools

Here are some tools you can use to tell your customers that you'll be at the Auckland Home Show this year, and what you'll be doing there.

Use the below images in a Facebook or Instagram post, within an email/newsletter to customers, on your website or within your email signature. Use them to run a ‘Ticket Giveaway’ promotion and get extra kudos from your customers!

Here’s how:

Hover your mouse over the image. Right click and select ‘Save Image As’ and save within your folders. Then place these on your Facebook page, within an email campaign, on your website etc.

*Don’t forget to mention any special ‘Home Show’ deals you’ll be offering, any new products you’re launching and what stand number and hall you’re in so they can come and see you.

Social Square shareable basic details 'September Hero Image'

Social Square shareable EarlyBird details 'September Hero Image'

Social Square shareable basic details 'September Hero Image'

Social Square shareable basic details Outdoors

Social Square shareable Early Bird details Outdoors

Social Square shareable basic details Outdoors

Auckland Home Show Logos

We know that many of you love sharing our event using your own creative and images in conjunction with our logo; so please use either of the 4 downloadable versions with clear cut backgrounds below.

SPECIAL NOTE: Ensure that you do not adjust the ratios (ie stretch), re-colour or crop. Our major sponsor TSB needs to remain in the logo, and their logo needs to be represented on a solid background.

Auckland Home Show Logo with TSB Branding (Square) Black wording

Auckland Home Show Logo with TSB Branding (Square) White wording

Auckland Home Show Logo with TSB Branding (long) Black wording

Auckland Home Show Logo with TSB Branding (long) White wording


With our vast, targeted marketing campaign + a ‘nesting’ consumer market, the September 2023 Auckland Home Show will deliver successful results right when your business needs it the most; but you’ll get even better ROI if you tap into these tips to promote your involvement in this show.


Firstly follow our social channels and interact with likes, comments and shares where appropriate. 

Auckland Home Show Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AKHomeShow

Auckland Home Show Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aucklandhomeshow/?hl=en

New TikTok Account: https://www.tiktok.com/@aucklandhomeshow

Our basic hashtag: #Aucklandhomeshow2023 #Aucklandhomeshow 

Our name/handle to tag our pages – both FaceBook and Instagram: @aucklandhomeshow 

*Bonus tip add these and any other hashtags relating to your stand in the notes section of your phone so you only have to copy and paste rather than type each time and remember them


Post: Post during the weeks leading up that you’re at the show on any and all social channels you have. 

Tools: We’ve created some generic social media sized image files that you can share. Just download from above.

Event Post: We’ve made it easy to let your followers know you’ll be at the show, just download and share the artwork created on this webpage to your social channels.

Post Ideas: Drum up some excitement by running a ticket giveaway to your followers using the complimentary tickets you receive from us. Have you got Show exclusive pricing or offers – post those pre-show. 

Stories: Instagram stories is a great place to share ‘behind the scenes’ footage; you can show your team packing up or packing into the show, setting up your display areas, even a transformation Before/After compilation of your stand space, or time-lapse your set up process. This will get visitors excited, and also they’ll know exactly what to look out for.  


During the show you and your team are going to be exclusively focused on facing the public, and too busy to take up time working on social media during the show!

Make it easy: Our suggestion is to pre-schedule 2-3 posts to cover show day so they automatically publish; things like generic product / service / hero images along with the message to come see you at the show work well.

Show days: If you do have time to be agile onsite, whip out your device and film a promo clip at the stand, or a sneak peek so customers will add you to their list to visit. Or even take a walk around with your camera and share some of your own highlights of the show as the days go on.

Home Show Content creation: Our team will be on the floor shooting promo videos of various exhibitors, features and products, as well as live streaming workshops and seminars; but they can’t make it to everyone as much as they’d love to; it’s an effective team, but small.

Tag and share, we’ll do the same: Use the #AucklandHomeShow on Instagram Posts. And Tag us on your Instagram stories and FaceBook posts @aucklandhomehow – that way we’ll see it and often we’ll repost it to your audience on our stories too.


Post: A ‘great to see you, see you next time’ at the show post. It’s always a good way to jog peoples memories, about a day or 2 after the show or even a ‘throw back Thursday’ post of any images you took at the show.

Share: We normally do a highlights video at the end of the show about 2-3 days afterwards and you are welcome to share that from our pages. 

Reminder post: A week later you could post ‘Final days of Home Show special pricing’ if that is something you offered. Or ‘Extended offer’ for anyone who saw you at the show.