BDVAir combines technology, innovation & performance.

With years of research and innovation, BDVAir has been developed with lifestyle solutions in mind. Air management is a science. All our air distribution systems are controlled by BDVAir’s exclusive integrated management software. This combines all operating components into one fully automated system. You don’t need to touch a thing.

• Enhanced performance
• Improved efficiency
• Removes human error
• Reduces running costs

BDVAir makes a cold, damp home a thing of the past

Our air distribution systems take clean air and passes it through BDVAir’s innovative filtration systems, flushing out damp stale air and replacing it with clean, fresh air. This all happens quietly, efficiently and very effectively with no input from you.
Less mould, dampness and condensation mean fewer colds and flu for your family. Plus, allergy and asthma sufferers will also feel the benefits. We also can upgrade all other brands to a BDVAir EC.

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