We can help control dampness, mould and condensation. If your home is experiencing condensation and mould, is stuffy and smelly, then a closer look is needed to establish where any problems are coming from. Air pollutants introduced into the home can be highly toxic and potentially harmful. Most of the time these are invisible to the eye and naturally undetectable. It is our job to establish what these are and then help you put a plan in place to keep you and your family stay safe and healthy. Asthma, allergy and respiratory illness sufferers will also benefit. So will people wanting cleaner, fresher air throughout the whole home.

If you would like to know more about ventilation systems nz and what we would suggest for your home, then contact us today for a free no obligation home assessment and non invasive moisture test. Our assessors are fully trained, experienced professionals. BDVAir’s new powerful air distribution systems delivers clean filtered air using advanced airflow technology. The result is a drier, warmer, healthier home.

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