Bi-Fold Systems

Bi-Fold doors have always been a space saving design solution for laundries, wardrobes, hallways and confined areas. Our patented Bi-Fold System has removed all the weak elements associated with existing systems replacing them with 5 key essential parts, resulting in simplicity, robustness and reliability for end user satisfaction. Once installed you can expect years of hassle free performance, just like any other interior door.
We don't supply doors, just the system, no matter what make or design your choice of doors are they will be compatible with the Bi-Fold System. Hollow or solid core doors, panelled, grooved, solid timber, louvered, glazed, the choice is yours.
There are no adjustments of carriage wheels, door mounts, top and bottom pivots that fail, as there is nothing to adjust.
Tested with 105,000 opening and closing movements without any failure, adjustment or sign of wear marks, the Bi-Fold System carries a 30 year warranty.
We supply to local door hangers throughout NZ.

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