Clear Energy Limited

Clear Energy's vision is to provide New Zealanders with the highest quality solar energy systems, on time, safely, with high customer satisfaction and affordability for all. By providing unparalleled value, Clear Energy will greatly increase the adoption of solar energy systems. This will give our customers - residential and commercial, clean, abundant, low-cost renewable energy.

Our 3 step process is easy, informative and gives you the confidence to make your own decision about switching to renewable energy. We're not here to convince you to slap up any old system in any old spot. Clear Energy is built off education and assisting our clients with making informed decisions and whether making the change is best for you.

Grid-tie, off-grid or hybrid solar systems? Deciding whether or not to grid-tie your solar panels is usually straightforward, the benefits of being grid-tied appeals to the majority of home and business owners but we can advise on which solution will suit you best. Some people choose to live off the grid or install a Hybrid solution, Clear Energy will tailor your system based on what works best for you.

Our point of difference:
• 25 years performance warranty
• 25 years warranty on panels
• 10 years warranty on inverters
• 5 years workmanship warranty
• CSEANZ accredited installers
• Monthly performance reporting
• All parts and components are 1st tier
• Very competitive pricing per kW in the solar industry

Our partners are:
• Huawei
• Longi
• Hummingbird Group
• Avid Electrical & Solar Solutions

Check us out at or come see us at Hall 3, Stand 358 at the Home Show to make a switch today!

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