Compass Pools New Zealand

Have the lifestyle you have always dreamed of with a self-cleaning pool from Compass Pools. Our exclusive Vantage cleaning and circulation technology means you can have a pool which is always ready to dive into. Compass Pools are easier to look after, cheaper to run and they look stunning all year round.

With arguably the best warranty protection in the world (thanks to our unique triple warranty), you can rest easy knowing that you'll have a problem-free pool which will bring your family a world of enjoyment for many years to come.

5 benefits of a Compass Pool:

- They clean themselves
- They are super strong thanks to our ceramic composite technology
- They look better for longer with the Biluminite colour system
- They add value to your home with lower running costs and transferable warranties
- Unlike most fibreglass pools they can be installed almost anywhere from flat sites to hillsides and rooftops

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