EcoBeans Bean Bag Fill – Eco-friendly plant-based alternative beanbag fill to polystyrene. Manufactured in Auckland, New Zealand from sustainable plant material with revolutionary technology developed here in New Zealand, our beans have proven superior compression resistance. EcoBeans are bigger, firmer and longer lasting.

EcoBeans are made from PLA (Poly lactic acid) a bio-based resin. PLA is made by extracting starch from plants, in this case enzymes are then added to convert the glucose to dextrose via a process called hydrolysis. Microorganisms then ferment this dextrose into lactic acid which is then converted to lactide. Through a polymerisation process, the lactide is used to make PLA which is one of the most widely used bio-based polymers in the world today.

Our EcoBeans flow cleanly out of our paper packaging making bean bag filling a much easier task. Come visit us at the Auckland Home Show!

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