Ekopaints distributes Ottosson linseed oil paints made in Sweden in New Zealand and Australia, their paints are eco-friendly, sustainable house paints.

Linseed oil paint is for both interior and exterior use, and its natural colours provide a beautiful long lasting finish. In fact, a light coat of linseed oil brings the paint back to it's original condition, so no need to repaint.

Linseed oil paint works out less costly as it spreading further, and it doesn't evaporate or harden in the can like acrylic paints do. The natural pigments in linseed oil paint is far more resistant to UV-light.

Linseed oil paint is a breathable coating that doesn't trap moisture, so stops wood from rotting and also stops metal from rusting.

Solvent-free and plastic-free so good for the environment with no nasty smells. Plus no blistering, cracking or peeling with linseed oil paint!

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