Euro Blade Infrared Heater

The Euroblade is a beautifully designed wall or ceiling mounted infrared heater is ideal for indoor or outdoor patios, gardens, dining areas, bathrooms, warehouses, shops, farms etc. It is IP55 certified weatherproof and economical to run with a slick modern design to suit any home or business. Easy 10 minute installation with standard 3 pin plug, no need for an electrician! 4 different heat settings – 800W, 1200W, 1600W and 2000W gives you control over the heat output and power consumption

Economical to Run: Because of Euro Blade heater’s Carbon Infrared Technology they not only heat up in seconds they are also very economical to run. They work on infrared heat waves that are quickly distributed throughout the room. The heater bulb is the only part that may ever need replacing and runs up to approximately 10,000 hours.

Indoor & Outdoor: Because the Euro Blade 2000w model is water and dust resistant (IP55 certified) it means that it can be hung inside or outside. The protection grill is made from high corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. Euro Blade are the world leading manufacturer of carbon infrared heaters so you can be assured that each and every part of the heater has been carefully designed to provide strong and long-life performance.
Modern Design: Euro Blade heaters are made using the latest carbon fibre technology, and are robust and hard-wearing with long-lasting heating elements. Euro Blade heaters are quiet, reliable, and made with high quality electronics that have a superior performance. Euro Blade Heaters are stylish with a modern look, and they do not occupy unnecessary space, due to their suitable ergonomic design. Depending on your space you can mount the heater vertically or horizontally - it's up to you!

Remotely controlled: With the handy remote control you can set all functions and settings: regulate the heating levels, activate and set the timer function and activate and set the automatic temperature control. The automatic temperature control allows you to set the desired temperature. There are also push buttons on the unit for all of these functions as well.
The beautifully sleek designed Euro Blade has the following features:

• 2 Year Warranty
• Water Resistant IP55
• Four Power Settings
• Wall Mounted (Vertical or Horizontal) - Set of Brackets Included
• Outdoor or Indoor Use
• Sleep Timer
• Tip Over Protection
• Overhead Protection
• IP55 Certificate
• Remote Control & Push Button Remote Control
• Digital Thermostat

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