GreenRoot Planters

Our lightweight, reusable, recyclable Greenroot "ROOT BOOSTING PLANTERS" are ideal for you.

They are most suitable for easy transplanting and re-potting.

Plant health and vigour is all about your roots and GreenRoot pots are specifically designed to create the healthiest root systems possible for container grown plants and gardens.

Put them Indoor or Outdoor . Ideal for your Kitchen , Living , Deck or Garden

Improve the life span of your plants , Give them the right amount of air ,water and nutrients . Let them not be root bound. Best for all weather conditions of New Zealand

Plant your succulents , Ornamentals , Herbs or Fruits / vegetables and trees.

Have your own grown Herbs right there in your Kitchen . Or plant your own food wherever space is available with you . With help of Greenroot you can easily have your own vege patch or Kitchen Garden even with limited space.

Greenroot Planters are based upon proven " Air Pruning" technology which is well appreciated and being used for decades all over world. Recently been brought to New Zealand

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Two pcs of 32 Ltr Planters ( white ) with Saucers
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