Our one-piece seamless NZ COLORSTEEL gutter design works on the principle of liquid adhesion.
Guaranteeing maximum rainwater flow into the gutters front opening while deflecting leaves, pine needles, debris and pests.

Director Brent Dobbe has worked in the engineering and building fields his entire career and established Gutterplus in New Zealand with his father Adrian and wife Dijana. Brent and his team have vast experience installing spouting solutions on new and existing New Zealand homes that are designed specifically to withstand New Zealand's harsh weather conditions.

Brent will oversee all aspects of your job from the initial quote to the manufacture and install of your NZ COLORSTEEL gutter guard. Brent ensures professional customer service and communication throughout your project so you can be sure your project will come in on time and on budget.

We're proud to be the only leaf guard spouting product to be backed and independently appraised by BRANZ.

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