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Fed up with wasting money on expensive printer cartridges? Inkwell printer refills can slash printing costs by up to 90%

* Make fantastic savings over & over again by reusing your existing cartridge, and refilling it with INKWELL’s quick and convenient system
* Enjoy excellent print quality using specially formulated inks designed for all popular printers
* Help our environment through recycling: millions of cartridges are thrown away each year and its estimated to take between 450-1000 years for them to break down in landfill
* Cut out the "middle man" and all their associated expenses by refilling your own cartridges
* Nationwide mail order service with FREE delivery for all orders over $60

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Special - $20 OFF every refill kit plus $60 of FREE INK

$20 OFF every refill kit plus $60 of FREE ink

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  • Only available with refill kits purchased at the Auckland Home Show