Ocean Shell is the world’s leading shell materials business: Introducing our Luméa range of natural eco-ethical shell materials, for designers and makers to bring the ocean's beauty into your home.

If you are in the business of creating unique luxury styles for your clients through your construction or interior design projects, you will find a world of attractive options in our shell veneer sheets and shell tile creations. They are equally appealing for the creative home DIY project because of their ease to work with.

Marked by time, tides and territory, inner layers of shells refract shimmering colours, from deep blues and intense greens to ever changing natural whites, greys and blacks…and more

Craft and jewellery artists also find limitless inspiration using our solid shell blanks, custom shell veneer shapes, multi-layered shell shapes and wild pearls.

Come and explore with us the many applications you could use, including splash back panels, furniture inlets, feature walls, recesses, corporate trophies and innovative giftware.

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