Magic Lock Bag Sealers

Magic Lock bag sealers were launched in New Zealand by the owners Kizan NZ Limited in 2006. in the 14 years they have been available in the New Zealand market they have quickly become everyone's favourite. Simple to use you just fold your bag and slide the sealer across.
There great for the freezer, the pantry, anywhere you need that airtight seal to keep food fresher and tasty longer. There are 4 different sizes in each pack, there are 2 X 29.5cm sealers for your large packs of frozen food your pastry, Tortillas, Wraps etc. 3 X 22.5cm sealers for Crisps, frozen foods biscuit's etc. 3 X 18cm sealers for Coffee Milo sweets etc. and 2 X 12cm sealers for spices, seeds, nuts, baking products etc.
If you prefer to make up your own pack of sealers at sizes that suit your needs, go to our website and build your own sets.
There unique design ensures that that these sealers will last you for years without breaking down or wearing out.

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