Perfect Fit Bed by Bambillo

Sleep like you’ve never slept before, in pure comfort with The Perfect Fit luxury adjustable massage bed by Bambillo. If you have Back Pain it can ruin your life and getting a good nights sleep can be impossible.

Now you can adjust to any position until you find relief. Simply activate the Zero Gravity function and you'll feel a weightlessness, as your spine is gently decompressed, and you find the optimal position for better blood flow, alleviating pressure, and relaxing fatigue and muscle soreness.

Back Pain sufferers can also find drug free pain relief with Perfect Fit's exclusive Cellular Massage Therapy system, that stimulates recovery at the cellular level through increased muscle activity, and dramatically improved micro-circulation. Come see our sleep specialists at stand 266 to see how you can benefit from the exclusive Cellular Massage Therapy with the Perfect Fit Bed by Bambillo

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