Prima Build Ltd

Hi , we are the Warrens and we are so pleased that you have stopped by our listing.

Not only do we run Prima Build together we also run our lives together as a happily married young couple.

Darren has been a builder for nearly a decade , he has been described as a perfectionist with a keen eye for detail and our clients are usually sad to see him go once a project is finished since he feels apart of the family. He learnt to build from his father who taught him the old school way of building , Darren has combined this old school way of building with his perfectionism to create finishes on projects which you can’t fault.

Livia has been in the bathroom/building industry for over a decade and has been in roles with suppliers involving Merchants , Interior Designers, Architects and Developers so she has kept up with the current trends and understands what brands are a great quality . Her true passion lies in Interior Design and helping clients combine their personalities into their renovations whilst ensuring the end design is a stunning , timeless Sanctuary.

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