Rheem New Zealand

Since 1958, Rheem has been a leader in heating, cooling and water heating innovation in New Zealand. We’re committed to improving our products and processes so we can dramatically cut our impact on the environment. It’s all part of our bold sustainability vision for the future.
We are here to assist with the latest in cost-saving hot water systems and solar solutions. Whether you need Electric or Gas, Storage or Continuous Flow, Solar or Heat Pump systems, Rheem has an extensive range of hot water options and a professional team committed to delivering high-quality products.
Our newest offering is Solar PV - panels, inverters, and batteries. The solar revolution has started and we're leading the charge with thoughtful, high-quality solar energy solutions.
Choosing Rheem heat pump and solar solutions will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money! Choosing a greener lifestyle has never been easier.

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