South Pacific Pool Enclosures Ltd

South Pacific Pool Enclosures (est. 2007) import cutting edge TELESCOPIC SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURE and SPA DOME technology direct to your door!

No more swimming or soaking in adverse weather conditions! Telescopic Pool Enclosures are designed for indoor or outdoor swimming within minutes. The polycarbonate structure encloses your swimming pool to provide you with your very own indoor swimming pool. For outdoor swimming, unclip and easily slide the enclosure open! Our customers report maximizing pool use, more fun with family and friends, and many social, health and well-being benefits. The enclosure keeps your pool warm and clean, reduces heating cost, chemical use, and water evaporation.

Many Kiwis turn their spa off during winter due to cold, wet, windy or icy conditions. SPA DOMES are the solution to using your spa pool all year round! Our clients enjoy soaking and toweling off in warm, dry, and intimate indoor conditions. The Spa Dome opens to allow airflow during warmer months.

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