Here at SpaceJump™ our mission is to inspire active outdoor play for kids. We’re committed to safety and will only ever sell products that we’d let our own whānau play on.

SpaceJump™ is brought to you by the creator of one of NZ's largest trampoline brands. We are experts in the industry and have crafted our trampolines with the perfect balance of safety and fun, without compromising on gravity-defying bounce. Our fleet of trampolines is made with robust, industry-leading components, that will stand up to the NZ elements. We are hugely proud to be a 100% Kiwi-owned and operated business and we thrive on offering value to Kiwi families. SpaceJump™ offers kids a gateway to another dimension where they can get lost in active play.

When you buy a SpaceJump™ you’re not just buying a trampoline you’re also becoming part of the SpaceJump™ whānau which means we take care of you for life.

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