Taha Tiny Homes

Our family interest in Tiny Houses developed seriously over 5 years ago, when we began to research and develop our first production prototype – Taha Tiny Homes, Tiny House Maxx. With our own family in mind, we recognised the need for an affordable, well-constructed, mobile Tiny House to help young New Zealanders get on the property ladder - with flexibility to work for other scenarios, such as an income stream if rented, being able to live on site if building, a holiday home etc.

Taha Tiny Homes are self-contained, with inbuilt water and wastewater tank storage, fully insulated, constructed using sustainably sourced materials, prioritising energy efficiency, with high-end detailing.

Our Tiny Homes fit the criteria of a vehicle, similar to a caravan or RV. They are homes that can be moved at any-time, on any road throughout NZ and are able to be towed by a domestic vehicle (capable of pulling 3.5 tonnes), on a standard car licence.

Our latest Tiny Home Luxx single storey Showhome is fitted out with a comprehensive Solar system and 12V appliances, meaning this home is capable of being totally off-grid.

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