Terra Firma Earth Building Co. Ltd

Terra Firma Earth Building creates beautiful, incredibly durable homes and buildings that support the comfort and well-being of people and planet.

As well as building with the rich soils that New Zealand's North Island offers, we strive to only source woods, fittings, fixtures and finishes that respect this country's diverse flora and fauna.

Terra Firma's highly efficient building systems have been crafted over almost three decades. In most cases, work systems are designed to embrace community labour and owner involvement, in unison with a professional and passionate Terra Firma site team.

Terra Firma's philosophy is grounded on guiding clients to understand how the design and fabric of a rammed earth home can truly enhance their lives. This includes understanding needs and wants, the drivers behind choosing a rammed earth home, and learning how different kinds of spaces can affect daily living.

Director and Founder Paul Geraets and his Terra Firma team look forward to meeting you at yet another exciting HomeShow.

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