The CarbonCycle Company

Our business is selling the world's best composters. Our mission is to contribute significantly to the health and well-being of our planet and our population by providing composting systems and encouraging local composting.

Local composting is a vital step in improving the effectiveness of the earth’s carbon cycle and ensuring the availability and quality of freshly grown produce around the world.

The more we observe, learn and do, the more our belief is confirmed that local composting is a critical practice and the obvious solution to so many of our environmental, social and health issues.

We truly believe that when our CarbonCycle composters are everywhere, we will see a healthier, safer, and fairer world. Other composters are bought or made with great intentions but they simply haven't worked. We think we know why.

Our bins will be on display at the Show and we will be there to discuss them and anything else relating to composting.

We also partner with community organisations using our systems to support regenerative systems of growing food in the city. Alongside us at the show is the Urban Farmers Alliance, a For the Love of Bees project connecting farmers around the country who are growing and sharing food and making compost. For the Love of Bees is a collaborative endeavour to inspire participation in the regeneration of the planet through a shared love of bees. Recognising that without our pollinators we would have limited access to nutrient dense food, For the Love of Bees now encompasses an educational aspect called Regenerate Now , a free online learning platform and a model urban market garden called OMG - Organic Market Garden!

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