The Kiwi Outdoor Oven

The Kiwi Outdoor journey began at Pauanui Beach, Coromandel 2012 where two kiwi blokes, Dale and Darren, decided they wanted a "fast heat up, top quality Pizza / Cooking Oven and Outdoor Fire".

​There were many options on the market, but none that did it all! It needed to be NZ made, huge in size with the idea of commercial use and had to have the WOW factor. Design began, in true kiwi fashion, calling in favors from gurus in the steel industry and finding new gurus for every detail. Two prototypes were built and extensively tested with off the chart temperatures and warped steel.

Launched as The Kiwi Outdoor Oven Company in 2013, constant onsite promotion and pizza parties were how the ovens were originally sold. A promotional wood fired pizza caravan was started at Pauanui beach (still going today) with queues of people lining up for the wood fired taste. The ovens also featured on MKR2014 Season 1 Episode 25 in the Pizza Challenge.

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