The Wet Sparky ltd

All of us want to drink clean water! Using ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and sterilize dirty water together with Water circulation-, Booster-, Sewage pumps, and pump control systems our speciality. Our Highly skilled technicians can assist in selecting the best pump and filtration option. Our vision is to fully understand customer needs and exceed their expectations, delivering increased profitability through design and innovation. Our Pump Station W.O.F. can save you unnecessary breakdown cost. By fixing the small issues on a yearly basis you are in control and not the breakdowns. Fixing faults before they become breakdowns, that usually happens on holidays, or when the family comes to visit, is our main aim in doing yearly service inspections. Contact us today to schedule a W.O.F. for your pump system. But rest assured, should a breakdown occur we are there for you to take your problem and handle it as if it was our own. Getting your system operating as soon as possible.

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