TUBO Central Vacuum Systems

TUBO A great way to get fresh air for your home

TUBO Central Vacuum Systems designed and manufactured in Italy since 1985. Installing a central vacuum system doesn't just mean finding an excellent functional cleaning solution, it is above all an investment in your health and well-being. Breathing micro dust all the time is something we often do not realize we are doing. Though non-toxic, over the long term it can irritate our respiratory tracts and cause allergies, thus worsening our health and general well-being. A central vacuum system, unlike a traditional vacuum cleaner, eliminates micro dust recirculation completely, reducing allergens present in the air.

The new TUBO central vacuum units made by our Italian supplier, Aertecnica, are completely designed and built in Italy. The new generation of central vacuum units in the TUBO line blends Aertecnica standards with the style and harmony that today's demanding market requires.

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