Stormwater Systems is your one-stop solution for all your stormwater tank needs. With the innovative
Aquacomb™ Detention & Re-Use System and the NEW Fence Tank™, these unique water harvesting
systems will ensure you save time, space and money on your project. We’re equipped to design, supply
and install the best stormwater tank solution available for residential and commercial properties
throughout New Zealand – from as little as 250, up to 300,000 litres!
Designed in Australia more than a decade ago, Aquacomb™ is modular, scalable, and NZ made of 100%
recycled polyethylene, with 100% virgin polyethylene for potable water. The pods can be installed within
a concrete slab, under any hard ground surface or decks, under lawns, & behind retaining walls or even
on rooftops.
Available in a range of colours, Fence Tank™ is our own original design; a practical and innovative
above-ground water tank that blends seamlessly into the landscape of any home, preschool or
commercial site inline with a standard fence. This sleek, stylish product will be an appealing way to
store water whilst providing the privacy and practicality of a fence.

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