Yompai has a wide range of handmade Teak kitchen utensils. All of them come from a small village in Northern Thailand, Baan Lek Nam Pai Yai. Formerly nomadic slash and burn farmers, just over 20 years ago they were granted land by the Thai Queen and resources to operate sustainably. Organic Farming, Fish Farming, the tools and expertise to make kitchen and food utensils. As part of this they are also employed to plant Teak and other native trees on the hillsides. The village is a model and resource for other villages to learn from.
We work with and buy directly from the village, we spent years living in Thailand, and having used their products. You will love the beauty of the spatulas and spoons, bowls and chopsticks. But each item is made for use, they have no chemicals or dyes or lacquers so are completely food safe. They withstand heat, and there are utensils for all kinds of cooking.
They make wonderful gifts, they last a lifetime and they are sustainably made.


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