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The Design Renovate Decorate seminar series, proudly sponsored by Resene, is your destination for all the latest home improvement trends, ideas, tips & advice.


Come and listen to our expert speakers share their experience and know-how to give you the right advice, inspiration, ideas and knowledge to complete your next project.


Ask the experts questions about your next project to get the right advice. Everything from kitchen & bathroom renovations; renovation tips and things to avoid; design and colour trends; outdoor spaces and landscaping advice; designer living in smaller spaces, and more!





Living smaller – An introduction to small space design and how to maximise your current living

From downsizing your life into a tiny home, to maximising a modest town house with everything you need a few meters away, this seminar will guide you through small space design fundamentals allowing you to live a lot larger in your small space. Learn how to maximise storage, how to space-plan your new build and how to get more out of your current space.

Laura Lochhead – Pocketspace Interiors



Bringing together a Colour Scheme with Confidence

Learn how to use your favourite colours confidently and how to make the most of your space. Clever yet simple ideas along with tips and tricks that you can try out for yourself.

Sarah Gregory – Resene



Creating a Successful Bathroom

Bathrooms are now one of the most important, valued & beautiful rooms in the home. With 12 years’ experience specialising in Bathrooms, an impressive portfolio of work, awards & glowing testimonials, Design Haus will guide you through the planning & design process, along with design advice & tips to transform your bathroom into something special, regardless of your project size or budget.

Brittany Hunt and Natalija Botica-Uhlmann – Design Haus (Bathroom Specialists).



Achieving Your Dream Backyard

An attractive landscape design can add both value and enjoyment to your property. While scrolling through inspirational landscapes are all part of the fun, a lot of homeowners get stuck when it comes to turning a plan into action. In this seminar, the team from Zones Landscaping provide their top tips on planning and carrying out your landscape ideas – within a budget and style that works for you.

Rose Bridge and Vaughan MacKenzie-Browne – Renovate Magazine with Zones Landscaping



10 Things You Need to Know When Embarking on a New Kitchen

With John’s extensive experience he’ll tell you what to look out for when planning your kitchen renovation or new build to save you money and frustration.

John Van Doormaal – Innovative Kitchens



Navigating the Renovations Minefield

You can’t know every potential fishhook in your building or renovation project, but Shane says that the most important decisions are made at the start. Shane will tell you not only how to plan your project, how to sort the contractors and negotiate the council restrictions, but how to ensure that the inevitable speed bumps, won’t wreck the result and leave you out of pocket.

Shane Drury – 360PMCC



Interior Design – Looking at Current Trends to Create Your Own Personal Style

Having just returned from New York, Kelly will share with you the latest interior trends, colours, fabrics and styles to help you create your own look. She’ll show you how to navigate the hundreds of ideas and images to get a contemporary style that is individual to you and your home.

Kelly Gammie – Eucalyptus Design



Bathroom Renovations – How to Spend Your Money Wisely

Kelly Gammie will share her 15 years of Design & Installation knowledge to help you avoid wasting money when renovating your bathroom. Learn the tricks to maximise your dollar and how to stretch your money to get the best possible bathroom renovation.

Kelly Gammie – Eucalyptus Design



The Tiny House Phenomenon – Why are people ‘going tiny’ in droves?

No one could have predicted the phenomenal growth and mainstream popularity of Tiny Homes on wheels in NZ. In this seminar, you’ll hear from Gina, a Tiny House Designer from ‘Build Tiny’ who works with everyday kiwis to design their custom tiny homes. Gina will share her unique insight into the minds of the droves of people making the switch to tiny house living. And give you her tips on how to make a small space work for your needs. If you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, and why on earth anyone (let alone a family!) would want to squeeze into a 20m2 tiny home – this seminar is for you. The benefits might surprise you!

Gina Stevens – Build Tiny



Kitchen Renovation – from inspiration to installation

This seminar has been developed to guide you through the key decisions that you will be asked to make at all stages of the project from ‘Inspiration to Installation’.

Paul Collins – Kitchen Studio



Top Planning Tips to Achieve Your Dream Renovation

So, you’ve got your Pinterest board of inspirational homes ready and you’ve identified the areas of your home that just aren’t working for you. What now? Join Refresh for an informative seminar on how to approach your home renovation. Learn how to plan a renovation that fits within your budget and find out what projects will and won’t require council consent. Our team will be covering all that and more before ending with a Q&A session.

Renovate Magazine with Refresh Renovations Auckland Team


4.30pm (Wed – Sat only due to 6pm close on Sunday)

Clever Design and Construction for Healthy, Comfortable, Energy Efficient New Homes

Passive House is, simply put, a design process integrated into an architectural design, and the team at eHaus are NZ leaders in PassivHaus design and construction principles. Learn about the incredible comfort and health benefits these homes offer along with unrivalled efficiency – up to 90% of heat energy preserved with minimal energy input. You deserve more from your new home build – so come and check out the PassivHaus way with eHaus.

Jon Iliffe & Baden Brown – eHaus


5.00pm (Wed – Sat only due to 6pm close on Sunday)

Bathroom Design – Insider Tips for a ‘WOW Factor’ Bathroom

Kelly Gammie has designed hundreds of bathrooms and will share her professional knowledge to help you create a WOW factor bathroom. Learn how professionals design a bathroom space, what not to do and all the aspects that will make your bathroom space look spectacular.

Kelly Gammie – Eucalyptus Design


5.30pm (Wed – Sat only due to 6pm close on Sunday)

How to Tackle Your Biggest Renovation Fears

It’s a no brainer – improving your property can drastically improve your lifestyle and your home’s value. But there’s lots of stories of budget blowouts, unfinished projects, and dodgy tradespeople. We asked homeowners to share their biggest fear when starting a renovation. We’ll share with you the 5 most common fears and how we’ve structured the renovation process to avoid the nightmare scenarios renovators lose sleep over.

Renovate Magazine with Refresh Renovations Auckland Team


6.00pm (Wed – Sat only due to 6pm close on Sunday)

Smart Homes –  the what, when, why & how

It’s no surprise that homes are getting smarter every day. Here’s an overview of what’s on the market now, and what your home can expect in the near future. In addition to being more energy-efficient and secure, your smart home should be adding to your quality of life and peace of mind as well as being personalized to you and your family. With everything from getting the kids out of bed, to ordering your groceries before you even know you need them. It might seem a bit out there but the future is not that far away.

Rob Willcox – Smartlife


6.30pm (Wed – Sat only due to 6pm close on Sunday)

A Beginners Guide to Building Brilliant Bathrooms

Thinking about renovating, extending or adding in a new bathroom? In this seminar, Refresh Renovations guides you through the bathroom renovation need-to-knows. With over 1,000 home renovations to draw from, Refresh will be offering up their top tips on planning, designing, budgeting and enjoying the bathroom renovation experience.

Renovate Magazine with Refresh Renovations Auckland Team