Smeg Food for Life Kitchen

Smeg returns to the Jones Family Business stand in 2019 with a range of amazing new products and a brand new cooking theatre dedicated to healthy and mindful food choices for everyday kiwis.




Food for Life by Smeg

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard in our busy everyday lives. Food for Life by Smeg strives to equip Kiwis with the inspiration, tools, and advice needed to create food that makes you feel good, and tastes good too!


With outstanding technology by Smeg that address modern day issues, you’ll be ready to live a healthier, more delicious life.


Join chefs like Simon Gault and Brett McGregor as they whip up accessible and inspirational healthy meals and snacks that you can make at home. Plus, enjoy educational seminars by a range of speakers like Wellness Expert Sarah Tanner. 


The Food for Life Kitchen by Smeg was designed, manufactured and installed by the team at Kitchen Mania. 


Highlights of Smeg


Mickey Mouse Fridge

Revisit optimism, vitality and wholesome fun with Smeg’s brand new Mickey Mouse Fab 28 Refrigerator on display at the Jones Family Business stand. Smeg brings a dash of playfulness and humour to any environment with this unique fridge..


This new Fab28 introduces a brand new contemporary interior aesthetic focusing on both style and environmental sustainability. With a wealth of new features including a multi-flow system to distribute temperature more evenly and a 0°C compartment, which is the perfect temperature for keeping meat and fish fresh. The anti-ice back panel stops ice from forming, a feature that completes the set of improvements to FAB28’s refrigerating functions.


See this brand new style at the Jones Family Business stand.


D&G Citrus Juicer

From Smeg’s ‘Sicily is my love’ Small Appliance set comes the Dolce & Gabbana Citrus Juicer. This 50’s style benchtop juicer boasts a compact design and unique D&G aesthetic. It sports symbols associated with Sicily and more generally with Italy and its cuisine of which Smeg has always been an interpreter of excellence. Complete your benchtop set now.


Limited numbers of this enviable small appliance will be available for purchase at The Jones Family Business stand. These will sell out quickly, so get in fast to secure yours or pre-order for the next installment.


Smeg Blast Chiller

Don’t let the name fool you – The Smeg Blast Chiller does so much more than chill. It is a highly sophisticated, multi-functional appliance that will blast chill, defrost, cook at low temperatures, prove dough, flawlessly temper chocolate, hold food at a precise temperature and prepare incredibly fresh ice cream and yoghurt. It is a kitchen appliance revolution!