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We’re aiming for zero waste by 2040. Keeping your food scraps out of the rubbish is a great way you can help. Food is a valuable resource, however when food goes to landfill it produces methane and CO2 which are harmful greenhouse gases. One tonne of methane released into the atmosphere creates the same amount of global warming as 25 tonnes of CO2. When food is trapped in landfill the nutrients it contains are also trapped, but those nutrients could be returned to the land in biofertiliser to grow more food.

What you can put in your food scraps bin!

Fruit and vegetable scraps, including peelings, cores, stalks and skin.
Bread, pasta and rice.
Dairy products.
Meat bones and scraps, including fat trimmings.
Fish bones and scraps, including shellfish shells.
Egg shells, nut shells and coconut husks.
Coffee grounds and tea leaves.
Indoor cut flowers.
Auckland Council compostable bin liners - for more information, including availability, see Food scraps collection bins and bin liners.
Any type of certified home compostable bin liner.
Paper to line your kitchen caddy to help soak up any liquids.

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