Kiwivac Central Vacuum Systems

Central Vacuum and Ventilation systems giving you a healthier and cleaner home

NEW ZEALAND MADE CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS - if you want a complete vac system, a pipe out only or need the power unit, and/or hose and accessories to complete your pre-piped home, we can help.

Also New Zealand Made, especially for us is our
1. Standard hose - that starts up as soon as you plug your hose into the wall - very robust and fits all central vac systems.
2. Hose and accessories Wall Caddy - metal, coated
3. Kiwivac rectangle inlets - held in with 4 screws, the most robust on the market.
4. Steel backing plates which the wall inlets are secured to.

We also Service, Repair, Clear Blockages and Improve Suction and Sell Accessories and spare parts for all brands of Central Vacuums systems.

Ventilation systems - Condensation Control
- Drimaster Positive Pressure
- NZ Made Hex390 Balance Pressure
Between these two systems we can provide you with the ideal ventilation system for any home or rental property.
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