Mural Print

Mural Print is a recent kiwi start-up, specialized in direct printing on vertical surfaces (walls). We offer infinite design and wall printing solutions to suit your needs.
This is new technology, brought first time is New Zealand, where we print directly on your wall. It can be your logo, advertisements, murals, selfies, illustrations, 3D graphics, photos or any images you think, can be printed. It can be printed on most of the surfaces like cladding, GIB board, glass, metal, wood, ceramic etc.

We provide graphic designing services as well. We design and customize images as required and personalize. Our graphic designing services are - 3D effects, photo mixing, logo design, 3D illustration Modeling, Calligraphy, Typography, Caricature, banner, flyers, advertisement, brochure design, dangler, Posters etc.

We provide customized wallpaper printing and installation services.

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