Sea Lamps

SeaLamps Ltd are marine plant experts who can take your indoor decor to the next level with the world's easiest aquariums. These aquariums require less maintenance than a typical houseplant, and are much more interesting to look at.

The seaweed typically comes as emerald green stars, but can be cultivated in any shape - including the shape of your company logo! This can be great way to connect your brand to the environment, and lift the feel of your office.

Our first two products are a 0.5m desktop 'SeaLamp' and a 2m high 'SeaPillar'. We are also happy to discuss bespoke solutions for your environment. Please come find us if you'd like to hear more.

The founder of SeaLamps is Peter, a Marine Biologist and ‘Ocean Gardener’ at the University of Waikato, where he helped to develop the aquaculture of this particular strain of seaweed.

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