Silver Spas

Silver Spas are designed and manufactured in Australia, with a mission of delivering high quality affordable spas for all. With over 25 years of research and engineering, With 25 years manufacturing experience, you can trust Silver Spas for all your families hydrotherapy needs.
Quality Driven :
Silver Spas are built to last. Using only the best components including high flow energy efficient pumps, long lasting titanium heater elements, full featured control system, colour screen complete with optional Wifi Control, this makes our spas the most reliable in today's market.
Construction Innovation:
Constructed with our Tuff Frame and Tuff Base design, using no steel or timber your spa will never rot or corrode. This 100% wood free injection moulded structured support system forms one piece with an ABS base that outperforms all other materials for strength and endurance while providing a sealed supported base for greater heat retention.

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