Tahu Drinks

Tahu Drinks, the first Māori-owned gin company in Aotearoa. Founded by three individuals who dared to be different, we are proud to offer a unique and authentic drinking experience. At Tahu Drinks, we believe in infusing, manipulating, and crafting our drinks with the finest natural ingredients sourced locally within Aotearoa. We take great pride in our 100% New Zealand-made products, ensuring that every sip embodies the essence of our beautiful country. Indulge in the sophistication of Tahu, our crafted boutique gin and cocktail. Carefully crafted to perfection, our drinks are meant to be savored. Best served chilled, Tahu pairs perfectly with quality company and the sharing of captivating tales. With Tahu, we invite you to embark on a journey of taste and cultural exploration. Each sip tells a story, capturing the rich heritage and spirit of Aotearoa. Join us in celebrating the vibrant flavors and traditions that make our gin truly exceptional.

Experience the uniqueness of Tahu Drinks and elevate your drinking moments. Discover the art of our handcrafted gin and cocktails, crafted with passion and a commitment to excellence. Cheers to a taste like no other.

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