How To Workshops

Have you ever wanted to repurpose a piece of furniture, make your own wall hangings, wallpaper or build your own deck DIY style…but didn’t know how or where to start?


Or maybe you’re not quite sure what tool to use for what job.


Then the NEW ‘How To Workshops’ at the Auckland Home Show is the place for you.

Watch and Learn!


The ‘How To Workshops’ is a space where you can watch a variety of live ‘hands-on’ demonstrations presented by a range of experts, so you can learn how to DIY a particular project in your own home.


Take a seat or get up close as our experts offer step by step advice and answer your questions.


From power tools to macrame, decking to home brewing…there really is something to learn for everyone.



Sessions run for approximately 25 minutes each, first-in ‘best dressed’ seating.

Stage MC: Hamish Dodd.